Freestyle 'Shark' Quartz Plastic and Nylon Sport Watch, Color:White (Model: 10026835)

Freestyle Shark Classic Clip Watch

Freestyle Unisex 102245 Shark Fast Strap Retro 80's Watch with Multicolored Nylon Band

Freestyle Unisex 10027029 Shark Leash Digital Display Japanese Quartz Green Watch

Freestyle Unisex 10022926 Shark Classic Mini Digital Display Japanese Quartz Black Watch

Freestyle Shark Classic Mini Digital Display Japanese Quartz Watch

Freestyle 'Tide' Quartz Plastic and Nylon Sport Watch, Color:Black (Model: 10027111)

Freestyle Unisex 10026749 Shark Clip Digital Display Japanese Quartz Multicolor Watch

Freestyle Shark Classic Mini Watch

Freestyle Unisex 102244 Shark Fast Strap Retro 80's Digital Black and Red Watch

Our online store offers you a catalog of watches designed specifically for diving and surfing. These watches will serve you a reliable assistant in the underwater hobby. The range of production in our shop is very big, and therefore no exaggeration to say that everyone who wants to buy Freestyle watch, will find the desired model - the perfect combination of style, functionality and reliability. The versatility and high technical parameters of the models can be a great cause to buy a watch of this Company and always keep your finger on the pulse of time. You can keep track of time dissecting the waves using freestyle surf watch, jumping with a parachute or just working in the office. They are ready for everything!

The American company produces reliable and durable watches designed for athletes and fans of extreme sports such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. The company's products first appeared on the market of the watch industry in the 80s. Since that time it has passed a long way of development and improvement. Whether you are looking for a tough and reliable watch for your action-sports needs or a casual everyday piece, it has a design that is perfect for your lifestyle. Freestyle men's watches are made exclusively from quality materials, using modern technologies that allow to achieve tremendous integrity. They are equipped with the latest technologies.

During 30 years the company has produced numerous collections, consisting of models of free style watches for men and women with specific technical parameters - Shark, Mens, Womens, Tide and Dive. The Shark collection presents diver's timepieces with water resistant to 100 meters and is characterized by bright colors from pink to green, from blue to yellow. Watch is equipped with a mechanism with alarm function and chronograph. The dial shows the date and temperature data. A true classic can never die, but it can be poked, prodded, and injected with fresh vibes. The line is presents a new model Stride, which face shows the time in dual format. Introducing the Speed Dial, a retro inspired digital featuring futuristic speed dial functionality. Rather than a typical mode button, the "jog wheel " or speed dial allows you to conveniently scroll through modes. The Speed Dial, bringing the past, present and future together to produce a one-of-a-kind. The colorful design of the Blush model of Womens collection became the hit of the season. Its water resistant is 200 meters. The Blush is out of the ordinary, a breath of fresh air, a new way of looking at things that's sure to have them looking at you.