Nautica Men's N14536 NST Stainless Steel Watch with Black Resin Band

Nautica Men's 'NST 1000 FLAGS' Quartz Stainless Steel and Silicone Casual Watch, Color:Blue (Model: NAD19562G)

Nautica Men's N14536 NST Stainless Steel Watch with Black Resin Band

Nautica Men's 'NSR 106' Quartz Stainless Steel and Silicone Casual Watch, Color Orange (Model: NAD10082G)

Nautica Men's N15103G NST 09 Stainless Steel Watch with Blue Silicone Band

Nautica Men's N16553G Stainless Steel Watch with Black Band

Nautica Men's 'PRH PORTHOLE' Quartz Stainless Steel and Silicone Casual Watch, Color:Black (Model: NAPPRH011)

Nautica Men's NAD21001G NSR 103 TIDE TEMP COMPASS Watch with Black Band

Nautica Men’s N18599G NST 101 Stainless Steel Watch with Yellow Resin Band

Nautica Men's N12626G NST 07 Flags Classic Stainless Steel Watch

We offer a wide selection of fashion watches for men and women. American company embodies the spirit of freedom and travel. Courage, spirit of adventure, active lifestyle - these are the qualities inherent to the Nautica buyer. The American brand has established itself as a brand for sports, mostly yachting. Nowadays, in its collection there are a huge number of different lines, for women, men and children. The main features of this timepiece: the unique style that combines bold color combinations, materials and unique design; increased requirements for strength; unusual functions. Everyone has the opportunity to buy Nautica watch in our online store. For sports fans there is a watch with a built-in tachometer that allows you to easily determine your speed and distance. Also, you can buy a watch with built-in compass and the ability to determine the time in two time zones simultaneously. In this watch shop you can find an acceptable variant for you or close people at the best prices.

Rather popular and interesting are the following collections - Yachtimer, sports watches, designed for yachting and racing yachts. The design of these watches is bright and memorable: a blue or black background with white numerals and luminous hands, clear digits and three additional dials. BFC watches with genuine leather strap. NMX watch in steel case with a titanium frame, with luminous hands and markers. Besides, they are very durable and reliable: mineral glass protects from bumps and scratches, and water resistance to 100 WR allows use them in any conditions. The great choice will be a series Nautica Clipper. Steel case with rose gilding looks extremely stylish, and its smooth transition into the rubber strap adds a sense that the owner differs by delicate taste. Dear ladies also can buy Nautica watches of Clipper and BFC series, designed specifically for women who follow an active lifestyle and like adventures and discoveries.

US brand is inextricably linked with maritime theme, its design embodies the desire to actively spend every moment, opening up new horizons and reaching goals. Nautica is a timepiece for those who don't limit himself and follow the active lifestyle. Increased water resistance, excellent impact resistance and a special corpus can be called the main features of the company style, and in the combination with a unique and bright design these watches cannot be replaced. These Watches open to others your true image and character. Buy Nautica watch - they are designed for free and young, purposeful, active and dreamy people like you!