Dakota Men's Aluminum Backpacker Clip Watch

Triangular Masonic Pocket Watch

Charles-Hubert, Paris Women's 6767 Gold-Plated Polished Finish Quartz Pendant Watch

Dakota Men's Phase II Watch

Gunmetal Pocket Watch Style GC775

Silver pocket watch with chain

Nixon Women's Gem Pendant Watch

Silver Pocket Watch - Free Engraving

High Polish Pocket Watch

Longines 18kt Gold Mens Open Face Swiss Pocket Watch Gold Dial L7.

It seemed that era of such wonderful wares, like antique pocket watches, has gone far in the past. But today we see the opposite - a pocket jewel come back and become more and more popular. We hope that our presented range and prices will satisfy your tastes and needs. You may choose and buy such brands as Breguet, Royal London, Dalvey, Tissot, Aerowatch. Aerowatch is a Swiss company, which is well known as old, conservative, family-owned company specializing in the production of pocket clocks. Tissot brand products have acquired world fame due to credibility, high quality and optimal prices. Those who use this kind of watches can belong to special people. They are often aware of art and antiques. Note, that we sell great amount of discount pocket watches. You may get a great and nice purchase and at the same time you save your money.

Welcome to online pocket watch shop. Watches art was intensively developed during the seventeenth century. Its history began in 1480-1511, when master from Nuremberg Peter Henlein made the first pocket timepiece with a single arrow, which showed rough time. This invention was egg-shaped and was called "Nuremberg eggs. " It was an object of pride and the ultimate dream of every person in the 16-18 centuries. It was rather expensive to buy pocket watches for those times. At that time watches were considered to be a luxury, they were decorated with various patterns, produces in different shapes. At the same time dial was covered with steel enamel and glass. It should be noted that the invention of such a watch accordingly has been adjusted fashion - gradually appear jackets with a special separate pocket for these watches. For making such a product were used the old wood, bronze, and pewter.

In our world everything is connected with time, work or relax, go on a trip, even just walking, we're looking at the watch. Life would be chaotic without watches, and it would be impossible to control your life and time. We have many different pocket watches because today, even at the household level it's impossible to get to a meeting in time, for the movie, take the train, to cook without watch. Masters created objects of tremendous beauty and complexity, and today we have the opportunity not only to admire them, but also buy pocket watch, each of which can be considered as a work of art. Pocket indexes of time carry the spirit of old times. We offer items of different styles. Starting from the classical watches until the old ones. Many eminent Swiss factories even today make collections, which are in great demand among connoisseurs and aesthetes. Since its inception, they became a luxury item.