Dueber Stainless Steel Chrome Plated Pocket Watch Chain 3548-W

LEA & KEN Men's Tie Solid Color

Montana Silversmiths WCHP39 Montana Time Analog Display Quartz Pocket Watch

Old Father Time GOLD Double Albert Pocket Watch Chain-916Y

Charles-Hubert, Paris 3910-W T-Bar Pocket Watch Chain

ManChDa Pocket Watch Double Albert Chain T-Bar Watch Chain Link 16 inch 3 hook Bronze Classic Antique

WZC 207 Vintage Alloy 37.5cm Pocket Watch Chain (Bronze)

Old Father Time GOLD Gents SPORT Pocket Watch Chain-148Y

Dueber Silver Tone Chrome Plated Albert Pocket Watch Chain with fob drop

Pocket Watch Fob Chain - ManChDa Watch Chain Link 13-14 inch

As well as watches, pocket watch chains are made of gold, silver, leather, stainless steel and other materials. Complementing this pocket accessory, they create a valuable real pride of its owner. We offer to your attention the variety of production - Albert pocket watch chain, antique watches for possible collections, vintage watch chains for sale, silver and gold fobs for watches and interesting double Albert chains. These are highly prized by collectors. Named for Queen Victoria's beloved Albert, the chain consists of a T bar, usually a fob drop and two complete chains with watch swivels. It differs from single chains by the possibility to add another fob or attachment to for wearing due to the extra chainlet.

It's a misconception suppose that pocket watch is an outdated, not trendy and unnecessary thing and accessory. Year by year this pocket article becomes more and more popular. This is certainly due to the fact that today the watch is not only a device for measuring time, but also an attribute that, to some extent, determines the social identity and status of its owner. Admiring this article, you understand that you hold a real adornment. If you have ever looked through the pictures with old pocket watches, you noticed that were worn in combination with pocket watch chain and a special charm. At those times there was rather elegant way to wear a vest with special pocket for such watches. At one end of the chain is clung the fob, and at the other end - pocket watch. It's very convenient solution, but we can also attach them to the end of the trinket, clothing or a button, leaving it in the public eye for decoration.

For pocket watch fobs you can use any item of your choice, for example coins and other decorative items. Some people prefer to use a small pocket knife instead of a fob. This type of trinket often is hung loosely, as a decoration when the chain is attached to clothing. Original and unique design of modern watches brings us back to the romantic atmosphere of the past century. Good pocket watch is an excellent option if you want to make an original gift, to create a unique style. Our online shop offers our customers not only high quality goods, but also significant discounts on a wide range of products. In general, the function of a pocket watch is not only to show time, but also to correspond to the aesthetic desires of the owner. And beautiful chain and fobs serve as excellent helpers in the realization of this purpose.