WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder with Cover, Black

Watch Winder, Piano Finish Carbon Fiber Exterior And Soft Flexible WatchPillows, Eight Winding Spaces(8+0) With Built-in Illumination, Wooden Shell, With"Open - Shut Off" Function

CHIYODA Single Wooden Watch Winder with Quiet Motor, Battery Powered or AC Adapter-12 Rotation Modes

[Newly Upgraded] Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder

WOLF Roadster 8 Piece Watch Winder

Watch Winder For Rolex Automatic Watches,Wood Shell + Piano Paint +Japanese Motor …

[Newly Upgraded] Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder in Black

JQUEEN Double Watch Winder with Quiet Japanese Mabuchi Motor

CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder, LCD Touch Screen

JQUEEN Watch Winder with Quiet motors

Some watchwinder can be equipped with special software that allows to choose the direction of rotation for each motor individually, independently from another. Extremely low noise level maintains comfortable environment in your office or living room. Boxes for winding watches are high quality products, which correspond to the highest standards. Don't waste your time and buy watch winder or choose a single, double or even triple one for your collection.

For people who do not wear their automatic watch every day, watch winders are available to store automatic watches and keep them wound. This is a device that can hold one or more watches and moves them in circular patterns to approximate the human motion that otherwise keeps the self-winding mechanism working. When you have more than one watch with automatic winding, you always have to start them again at its replacement. Besides, many automatic watches not only show the time, but also contain a variety of additional mechanisms. The more complex is the mechanism, the more energy it consumes. In most watches the energy of fully wound-up clockwork spring is enough for 36-42 hours. These watches after stopping require the installation of all pointers anew, and the more functions has a watch, the longer they must be installed, and the greater is the chance of damage the mechanism.

Therefore, having watches winders, you'll always be sure that your watch is ready when you need it. But most importantly, why you need an automatic box, this is, first of all, constant grease of the clockwork. The various watch brands produce movements, which require a different direction of rotation. For 85% of the watches permitted rotation in both directions, for 10% - only clockwise direction for the remaining 5% - counterclockwise. And often in different models of the same brand may need different directions of rotation. Therefore, we have watch winders that are programmed in such a way that they can rotate watch clockwise, counterclockwise, or turn it in different directions, periodically stop "to have a rest" and then repeat the cycle all over again. Such rotation reduces the load on the gear and keeps watch permanently wound-up.